# Advanced Custom Fields

Bricks has an integration with the popular WordPress plugin Advanced Custom Fields, that is defined from functions/integrations/acf.php.

If not needed, this integration can be disabled by commenting the following line inside functions.php:

require_once get_template_directory() . '/functions/integrations/acf.php';


Using ACF is not mandatory but strongly recommended, because Bricks takes advantage of some of its features.

# Local JSON

An acf-json folder in the root folder of the theme enables ACF's Local JSON (opens new window). The simple presence of this folder is sufficient to enable this feature, if you don't need it you can simply delete this folder.

# Functions

The integration with ACF creates an Options page (opens new window) inside your WordPress admin area, used to create custom fields not related to a single post or page.


Please note that the Options page feature is supported only by the PRO version of ACF.

Some custom fields, registered directly from the php file (opens new window), are already present.

These fields are used to define:

  • Contact info, which are then displayed in the site footer.
  • Social profiles, which are displayed on the site as icons.
  • Some meta tags (at the moment, only a custom theme color for Chrome for Android).