# Animate on Scroll

Bricks has a builtin optional integration with Animate on Scroll (opens new window).


The latest version tested with Bricks is 2.3.4

# Installation

AOS is disabled by default, and can be enabled if needed by following these steps:

  • Install the NPM package:

  • Uncomment the following line from src/js/scripts.js:

    import "./integrations/aos"
  • Uncomment the following line from src/sass/style.scss:

    @import 'integrations/aos';

# Integration

Once you have installed and enabled the library, you can use AOS documentation (opens new window) as a reference to use it in your project, since Bricks integrates it without modifications to its core functionality.

  • JavaScript is included from src/js/integrations/aos.js, that imports the sources from node_modules and initializes the script, with some default settings that you can customize to your liking.
  • CSS is loaded from src/sass/integrations/_aos.scss, that takes the sources from node_modules too, and also includes a default preset for a custom animation. This preset can be used as a base for further customizations or entirely deleted if you don't need it.