# Introduction

# Overview

Bricks (opens new window) is a WordPress starter theme with builtin Bootstrap 5 integration. It uses Gulp to manage tasks commonly needed in WordPress development.

It is built with modularity in mind, taking full advantage of get_template_part() both for templates and for theme functions.

It is jQuery-free, relying on VanillaJS both for its scripts and for external dependencies.

It is lightweight and SEO friendly, by optimizing all of its assets and using semantic HTML and best practices.

# Main features


Bricks was born as a personal project, and should be currently considered as a beta. It is perfectly usable and it is already a good foundation for a WordPress project, but there is room for improvement, and changes, even relevant ones, should be expected.

Contributions are warmly welcome, especially about:

  • code quality
  • best practices
  • open-source project standards