# Configuration

Some configuration variables are available in bricks.config.js.

# Project Variables

These options, listed under Project Variables, can be edited on a per-project basis:

  • textdomain: WordPress theme text domain (opens new window), used for localizations. Usually you can use the default value. If you edit this, yarn build will update all localization functions with the new value (Please note that you also need to manually set this value in load_theme_textdomain() inside functions/setup.php if you edit this variable).
  • siteURL: local development URL, used by BrowserSync as the local proxy (opens new window).
  • enable.purgecss: enable use of PurgeCSS (opens new window) when bundling CSS for Production.
  • cssSafelist: an array of values used as a safelist for PurgeCSS (see CSS page for more details).
  • faIconSafelist: a whitelist of icons used by gulp-fa-minify to minify Font Awesome 6 (see Icons page for more details).

# Path Variables

Path Variables define paths used by Gulp tasks, such as source and destination directories for compiled assets. They usually should be left unmodified.