# Scripts & Tasks

# Scripts

Bricks comes with some predefined scripts, which are handy aliases to pre-configured Gulp serial tasks. Yarn is the preferred way to run scripts, but it is also possible to run them with plain npm.

# Compile (Development Environment)

This script compiles all resources for a development environment (it uses NODE_ENV=development value).

# Watcher & Live server

This script starts both Gulp watcher (opens new window) and BrowserSync (opens new window), to automatically compile modified resources on-the-fly and inject them in your browser, during local development (like dev, it uses NODE_ENV=development value).


BrowserSync proxy server can be accessed by default from port 3000, and its configuration UI from 3001. When you run yarn watch, full URLs will be displayed on the terminal output.

# Compile (Production Environment)

This script compiles all resources for a production environment (it uses NODE_ENV=production value). It performs minification and tree-shaking to reduce the size of the final resource bundles.

# Linting

Linting scripts are detailed on the Linting page of this documentation

# Tasks

Scripts described above should be sufficient in most cases, but if needed, Gulp is configured to expose individual sub-task that can be run separately, to quickly recompile a single resource type. When running tasks this way NODE_ENV=development is used, so resources won't be optimized for production.

Since these sub-tasks are not intended to be regularly used during the development process, they are not defined as scripts within package.json and should be run directly with Gulp.


yarn gulp css

Compiles source Sass files into final CSS (more details on CSS page).

# JavaScript

yarn gulp js

Compiles source JavaScript files into final bundles (more details on JavaScript page).

# Images

yarn gulp img

Optimizes source image files (more details on Images page).

# Fonts

yarn gulp fonts

Convert source font files into optimized web formats (more details on Fonts page).

# Icons

yarn gulp icons

Copies source Font Awesome JavaScript file into ./dist folder. Since it will be optimized only for production, running this task individually has no practical use (more details on Icons page).

# Localization

yarn gulp i18n

Scans PHP files for localization functions (opens new window) and writes a .pot template file (more details on Localization page).

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